How to put blog posts on a page in WordPress?

Add blogs to a separate page in WordPress

Hey, guys, this is my first post on and today I am gonna discuss how to put blog posts on a page in WordPress? I faced a strange issue today that my blog page’s link was broken. I am new to WordPress, therefore, I didn’t know how to fix this issue. So, I thought this is a kind of big problem for new WordPress bloggers like me. Hence, I decided to shout out this idea to the world.

It is quite possible that you guys might not have faced this issue yet but trust me it would be really great if you want to replicate your blog posts to some other page. Therefore, I suggest you bookmark this page for the future reference.

how put blog posts on page WordPress

How to put blog posts on a page in WordPress

It is very simple to show your blog posts at a page on WordPress website. Hence, I would make it really easy for you to understand by listing out steps with the screenshots.

1. Add a new page

Log in to your WordPress Dashboard. On the left-hand side, you will see a panel in black. Navigate through it and search for “pages“. Now go to “Add New” section under the Pages option. There you will see an option to “Enter page title“. After you have entered page title do not forget to update and save the settings.

add new page in WordPress

Add new page in WordPress

2. Configure the settings

It is now very easy to add blogs to the newly created page.  All you have to do is to configure some setting and boom WordPress will automatically start showing your blogs on that newly created page. So, how should we configure the settings?

Go to, Settings>>Reading, under the Front Page Settings you will see a drop down menu of “Posts Page”. Click on the drop down list and select the title of the page on which you want to show your blogs. Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “save settings”. You’re now done.


So, guys, this was all for how to create a separate page for blog posts in WordPress? You might get the same or different articles on the internet but I have tried my best to explain that to you in the easiest way I can. Finally, if you have any kind of relevant queries or questions comment it down and I will try to reach you as soon as I can. Don’t forget to share before signing off 😉

I am a Professional Blogger and an aspiring Computer Scientist. The motto of my life is to “Think, Blink and Light” i.e. think before you write something to teach others.

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