The Most Common Blogging Mistakes that People do

Common Blogging Mistakes

Rescue yourself from these Blogging Mistakes at any Cost

I started my blog with some other website back in 2015 and committed some mistakes which I’d like to discuss with you today. You should avoid these blogging mistakes at any cost because sooner or later, it is going to affect your blog’s overall rating.

1. Don’t click or ask anyone to click on your Google AdSense advertisements

Don't click on adertisements

It is noteworthy that we bloggers in spite of having so much technical knowledge forget that Google is a big tech giant company who hires the top most talent from all over the world, just to keep the track of such malicious activities.

When we sign up for an online service, we generally don’t read the full document of terms and conditions. I did the same thing and asked my friends to click on the advertisements not only this I also started clicking on them by using different VPNs. Therefore, I soon came into suspicion and Google suspended my account.

However, I thought Google AdSense is just like any other platform where you can sign up multiples times but I was wrong. It prohibited me by blocking the IP and MAC address.

Fortunately, In 2016, my ban was lifted up and I made a new account without wasting any time.  I got a lesson that day that we should never try unethical ways to earn quick money.

You can read more about How does Google know about Invalid Clicks

2. Don’t take too much time in creating a FAN page on social media

Create a fan Page

If you want to fetch a good amount of visitors on your website then it is high time that you should create a fan page for your website. In the early days of blogging, it is very rare to get organic traffic from search engines and this is where Social Media can help you.

Create strong social media profiles and try to engage as many people as you can because these people are your potential customers. Once you are done with this try to upload as many viral images, videos, and articles you can because it will help you to divert the traffic towards your website.

3. Never copy other’s content

Never Copy someone's content

Don’t copy and publish other’s content on your website because copying can drop your page ranking and reputation on Google.

Rather you should do some kind of research and gather keywords, phrases, and sentences from different websites and use synonyms to make your content unique. Unique content builds user’s trust and they are more likely to stick to your website.

I am a Professional Blogger and an aspiring Computer Scientist. The motto of my life is to “Think, Blink and Light” i.e. think before you write something to teach others.

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