Know about the 6 secret features and hidden settings of Google Play store today

Google Play Store secrets and hidden Features

The top 6 best “Google Play Store” features and hidden settings

We all use Google play store and there are so many hidden settings in the play store that we don’t know about. A lot of people might already know about these settings but there are few people who do not know about them. The settings we get in the play store are very useful and by learning them you will be forced to think like “damn I am using Play Store since so many years and today I came to know about these settings?”

The settings we get in the play store are very useful and by learning them you will think like “damn I am using play store since so many years and today I came to know about these settings?”

Hence, Today, I am going to tell you about 6 Google Play Store Features that are available in play store but you don’t know about them.

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1. Parental Control

Parental Control main

If you’re a parent and have children at home, you would want to restrict some applications and games from them. The Google Play Store gives you an option of parental control to do so.

To enable parental control, go to, Play Store>>Settings>>Parental Controls

On ticking this option a new window will open where you will have to enter 4 digit content pin. You will use this PIN to change settings for parental controls. You can set content restrictions for each of the subsequent categories.

  • Apps and games
  • Films
  • Music

Upon clicking these categories, you can set age restrictions and show only the restricted apps to your children.

Have a look at the following screenshots for further guidance:

Google Play settingsGoogle Play Parental Control

Parental Control Security Pin

2. Wish List

Wish list main picture

As the name itself says wishlist is a list of wishes. We generally ignore this feature of Play Store but sometimes it can help us out in finding our favorite apps through the sea of many apps. Sometimes, we don’t have enough memory on the phone or sometimes we want to use the paid versions of the app. There are so many paid apps on the Play Store that we want to use but due to non-availability of funds, we avoid downloading them. So, what you can do is to add these apps to the Wishlist, and buy or use them later if you really want to.

Look at the screenshots for further references:

   add to wishlistWishlist in Google PlayWishlist

3. Early access to unreleased apps

Early access in Google Play -

How to get early access of application in Google Play?

The applications available on Play Store are already the released versions but there are few applications which are available in the beta mode. These beta apps are in the development phase hence can be unstable.

So, here we get an option of early access to these apps. You can download them by tapping on their respective icons. The only thing you need to remember is that these apps can crash as they might be unstable.

4. Become a beta tester

Become a beta tester

How to become Beta Tester for Android?

You can become a beta tester of any app if such an option is available to you.

To become a beta tester of WhatsApp for an instance; you need to open the app in the Play Store and scroll down the description menu to find an option of becoming a beta tester.

Beta tester gets more advantages over normal users as they can use all those features which are yet to be released publically.

5. Google Play Services

Google Play Services

What is the Google Play Services Play Store Link?

We all use Playstore right? But have you ever tried searching Google play services on it? If you haven’t searched it yet then I recommend you to do it right now? Have you searched for it? Were you able to find Google play services in the search result?

No? Google play services application is by default hidden in the Play Store. So, is there any way out to search it?

Yes, there is a way out. You just need to open up your favorite browser; it can be Google Chrome, Safari, Opera or a local inbuilt web browser. You can use any to open up Google.

Google is a way out to your problems. I am sure, it has helped you a lot of times, right? Anyways, it has come to rescue us once again.

Type Google play services on Google and hit the search button, you need to click on the authentic google play’s link which will redirect you to Google play services in the Play Store application and voila just like any magic Google play services appeared in your Play Store. 😉

6. Indie Corner

Indie Corner

How to open Google Play Indie Corner?

You know, on Play Store, I keep on searching for new applications or games which had just hit the market. The Play Store doesn’t always show the new releases right away at the top, it takes time. But, is it possible to see the new apps as soon as the release?

Yes, you just need to Google for “Indie Corner” and click on the authentic Google Play Store link and you will be automatically redirected to Play Store where you can see the new releases.

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