How to find interesting blog topics for your website?

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How to find interesting blog topics for our blog?

The biggest mantra for the success of any blog is to keep on publishing newer content. A person who decides to start a blog always has a blueprint of topics in his mind. But soon a time comes when he is left with little or no topics. This is where he starts looking for the alternate solutions to get interesting blog topics.

I will talk and discuss the solutions in context to what I did on Shoutout Ideas…

An idea can strike you at any time, whether you’re standing with your friends at water point or reading an article on a website. Therefore, before we proceed, I want you to make a spreadsheet or a text document on your laptops and mobiles where you can note down the ideas for your blog.

As a part of my blogging schedule, I always had a problem in finding good blogging topics. At last, I have figured out a few ways to keep my interest of writing blogs alive. You can also take the advantage of these methods and never fall short of blog topics again.

1)   Make a list of Blogging topics

Make a list of blog topics

I agree that I’m asking you to re-create a list of topics but I think it is necessary to re-establish the foundations of your blog. It will also help you in finding more interesting blog topics in the future. Start off with these topics and once you’re finished with them, I am sure you might come across with many new keywords, topics and terminologies. Pen down these topics, keywords and terminologies in the spreadsheet you’ve created.

2)   Reading is the key

Best blog topics

An individual (especially if you’re a blogger) should develop the habit of reading. Make a list of niche specific websites and applications and become a frequent reader of them. You can get an idea by reading articles from these platforms. All you have to do is to note down the ideas by reading from these platforms. Therefore, I would suggest you install these applications on your phone:

3)   Answer the Questions

Get blog ideas for writing

Giving the answer to questions will broaden your vision. Therefore, I’m repeating it again that an idea can come to your mind at any moment hence while answering a question, you should always keep a pen and paper beside you and note down the ideas if struck by chance. You can put a link to your blog by answering questions on these platforms. Quoting the link in the answers will help you to increase the referral traffic. Some famous Q&A’s websites are:

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