Make money blogging – A step by step Blueprint for success

How to make money out of blogging

Blogging has always been a passion for me and I always try to write something which solves a real life problem. If you’re a blogger (or planning to become a blogger) then you can co-relate with me that it’s totally worth to monetize something that you’ve written on your own. Therefore, I decided to start my own Blog and make money out of it…

How to make money blogging without selling your soul?

If you’re planning to start a blog to make money and don’t know how to make money out of it, then, first of all, you’ve to believe in YOURSELF that you can make a lot of money… In fact, a Huge amount of money…

In fact, a Huge amount of money…

So, let’s start making a living for ourselves by following these simple steps in the following order…

  • Write quality content to gain visitor’s trust

    Quality Content, Original Content, Unique Content

    First of all, you have to promise yourself that you’ll never copy anybody’s content. Behind the success of a blog, quality content plays a massive role and that is why you should focus and invest your time in writing more and more unique content. People like to share a quality content which raises its probability to go viral. A good piece of content will not only strengthen the visitor’s trust but also increase your chances of making money.

  • Bring heavy traffic and Make money from blog traffic

    Make money from blog traffic
    The second biggest thing which matters the most is Traffic. You have written Unique and Quality content but there is no one to read it. So, what is the use of writing that content? Therefore, the importance of traffic for the success of any blog increases significantly. In fewer words, the more traffic you get, the more money you make. Hence, boost blog traffic to make money blogging…

    • Read how to bring traffic to your website
  • Display ads on your blogs or website

    Make money from Ads, Make money through Google AdSense

    So far, you have learned about the importance of writing good and unique content and how to use that content to bring plentiful traffic to your website. Now, it is the turn to transform the traffic into something which can make you a gigantic amount of money….

    This can be simply done by putting ads on your blog or blogs. Whether you’ve got an existing blog or are simply starting one, you can set up easily and quickly with pay-per-click (PPC) ad services like Google AdSense, and get started selling the ad area quickly. These services pay you every time when somebody clicks on an ad. Relying upon the ads placement and cost-per-click (CPC), payments per click can simply be pennies, or perhaps a few dollars. More common and established blogs will attract higher-paying ads.

  • Sell the Ad Space directly to advertisers

    sell ad space

    Selling an Ad space is more and like same as putting ads on your website but here you sell the ad space directly to the advertiser and in return of that, you’re paid by him. It is a much faster way to earn than putting ads from third party services like Google AdSense. It is seen that bloggers who sell their Ad spaces directly to the advertisers can earn 50-60% more than conventional users.

  • Earn from Affiliate Programs

    make money through affiliate marketing

    It is the best method to earn money from your blog. Affiliate Programs are commission based programs and allow you to display product-specific ads. Whenever a sale is made through it, you get a commission. There are many e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, etc, which allows you to earn from their affiliate programs.

  • Sell your own Digital Products

    Selling digital product to earn money

    Got your own product? Why not sell it? If you have your own product then it is the best method to generate huge income for yourself. Every other way of earning money will not allow you to make as much as selling your own products can. It gives you quick and easy income.


So, guys in the conclusion, I would like to recommend you to first write more and more Quality Content and then focus on promoting your blog or website to get a substantial amount of traffic. Traffic is the lifeline of any website, hence, it should be made the first priority of an individual. You can start making money right from day one but I think, it is useless, until and unless you don’t get a massive amount of traffic. Some starters would even get disheartened and stop working when they will not see a stir in their earnings. More visitors on your website means more money for you. Therefore, you can later make money by monetizing your blog through advertisements, affiliate marketing, writing your own eBook, or by selling the Ad space to advertisers.

I am a Professional Blogger and an aspiring Computer Scientist. The motto of my life is to “Think, Blink and Light” i.e. think before you write something to teach others.


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