Sitemaps – What is a sitemap? How often should you update it?

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When I stepped into the world of blogging, I had little idea about sitemap. I just bought a domain and hosting from Godaddy to create my website. At the beginning, I didn’t know how to work properly on the website.

I just kept writing articles and forgot that search engine indexing is one of the primary aspects to drive traffic to your website. Search Engines crawl through your web pages and index them into their records. Without search engine indexing you cannot see your website in their search results.

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What is a Sitemap?

It is an XML file which contains a list of webpages accessible to users and crawlers. It generally organizes the list of webpages in a hierarchical format making the parsing easy for the search engine crawlers.

How do you make a Sitemap?

There is no rocket science behind creating a website sitemap, hence, you can create them in two ways:

  1. Make a sitemap yourself and update it every time when you add a new page to your website. If you have a good technical knowledge then you can for this step.
  2. Otherwise, you can transfer this headache of creating Sitemaps to third party services. If you’re a WordPress user then WordPress plugins can automatically generate and update them whenever you add a new page.


Why do you need a Sitemap?

Sitemaps are very important because they tell search engines about links, images, content and how often your website is updated. This helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and improves the chances of driving in organic traffic from famous search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

How often should you update a Sitemap?

It is necessary to update Sitemaps whenever a new page is added, edited or updated. It is crucial to tell search engines about the type of information your website contains. Hence, try to update your sitemaps whenever you commit a change.

How can you submit sitemaps to search engines?

Google and Bing are two major search engines in the market which brings heavy organic traffic to the website. In order to bring traffic to your website, you should submit the sitemaps to these search engines.

Submit it to GOOGLE

Submit sitemap to BING

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  1. HI Vedant,

    Nice article i was searching for this topic from last few days. thanks for Info.

    Can you share how to bring a website on top of google search as on now my site is far away.
    i need to update my sitemaps regularly and update same in google and bing etc.

    • Hi Venkat

      Ranking on Google depends upon 4 to 5 factors:

      1. Frequency of your blog posts.
      2. Quality of your articles.
      3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
      4. The amount of BACKLINKS you create.
      5. Keyword Density.

      First, I suggest you to at-least blog post twice a week.

      Secondly, ensure that your articles don’t have any copyright content. Make it original and easy to understand for the readers.

      Third, you can leave the SEO headache to “Yoast SEO”; which is a WordPress plugin.

      Fourth, the “backlinks” can be created by commenting, guest blogging, etc.

      Fifth, flush in all the good keywords in your articles. Specially focus on “Long Tail Keywords”.

      I hope it helped.

      • Hi Vedant,

        Thanks for reply. It is very helpful.

        I have created website with php, not with WordPress. So how can I use Yoast SEO. And can u suggest any best website for creating backlinking.

  2. I am using ixtac contact for my website provider.
    I can create a site map however am unable to add to my website. There is an SEO option and my site is verified with google. But how can I get around this ?

    • Hi Sara,

      First of all, I am extremely sorry for replying you this late. Anyways, coming on to your query and since you can create sitemaps of your website. You need to follow these steps to register your web pages on Google:

      1. Select your site on your Google Search Console home page.
      2. Click Crawl.
      3. Click Sitemaps.
      4. Click ADD/TEST SITEMAP.
      5.In the text field next to your domain, type sitemap.xml. Note: Do not enter any additional text. For
      example, do not enter the page name.
      6. Click Submit Sitemap.

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