How to write impressive content that people actually want to read?


It’s much easier than you think!

I am out on a mission to help people write content which appears appealing and worthy. I promise that by the end of this article you would become an expert in writing great content.

The internet is already full of politics, sensationalism, and click bait articles. The only thing left with us is the Boring Content…

Nobody likes reading boring content. At least, I do not like it at all. I enjoy reading articles which are easier to understand and with whom I can easily connect myself.

Boring Content

There are few articles on the Internet that will continue to talk about anything but will never talk on the main topic. I usually hate that such type of articles.

Now it comes, how do we write the content that people actually want to read? Before writing anything, we should ask ourselves whether the content I am writing will be appreciated by people or not.

Avoid Writing Hanky-Panky articles

Hanky Panky

You might have read articles on the internet which are written from the viewpoint of a third person. Such a type is generally outdated and used by newspapers, magazines and huge companies.

No doubt, these articles are quite informative but at the same time are very dull and hard to understand. That is why just like me, many people avoid reading such articles.

If you’re writing such type of articles then you must change your writing style. Now day’s people usually read articles which are easy to understand. Therefore, I suggest that you should use a lot of “I” and “We” in your articles.

Your articles are your voice hence should be written with a good level of maturity, wisdom and experience. People will only catch up with your content if it talks on your behalf.

Use Your Experience

Experience in Writing - ShoutoutIdeas

Experience speaks a lot about a person. You’ll notice a different kind of confidence in your words when you have an experience of something.

In terms of blogging, an experience can be gained by reading a lot of articles, blogs, online newspapers, and magazines.

To gain experience, make a list of niche specific websites and become a regular reader of them. When you earn experience whether in terms of technology or in terms of reading, there is a lot to write about it.

People better understand articles with the help of examples. Therefore, educate them by stating as many examples as you can.

Honest SEO Content Writing

Honesty is the best Policy - Shoutoutideas

You can write about anything but keep one thing in your mind that your articles should be honest enough. If there is no honesty in your articles then people would rarely stick to your website and would rather prefer some other website with valuable content.

Honesty can be proved by creating references in your articles. Don’t worry no one is perfect in this world and no one has complete knowledge of his domain. Every person goes to Google and takes its help and so can you.

I am not asking you to exactly copy/paste the whole content neither I am promoting any kind of plagiarism. If you copy some line from the Internet, try to reframe it in your own words. If it’s not possible then give the credit to the website from where you’ve picked the line.

By doing this your reputation will rise in the eyes of Google and it will promote your web link up in its search result which will ultimately attract a lot of returning readers on your website.

Use pictures and videos instead of words

Pictures are easy to remember


There is an old saying, “The more you write, the fewer people understand. The more you show, the more people understand.

It means that if your articles are more of words and less of pictures and videos then instead of getting profits you will end up losing valuable assets.

Imagine yourself, what will you prefer the most? An article which only has textual information or an article which uses a lot of pictures and videos. I am sure; you would prefer an article which uses a lot of images and videos.

Also, an image is easy to remember. Hence, I recommend you to use a lot of images and videos in your article. The more information you display in the form images, the more are the chances that the user will stick to your article.

An image is equal to 15 Lines

Just remember, “An image is equal to 15 lines.” Don’t forget this Guru Mantra for your success.

Use other people’s work

It is more or like similar to what I have said above. You can go to your niche specific website, pick ideas from there and use them in your articles. This will fulfil give people the information they were looking for and your objective will also be achieved.

But the question arises how can we do this?

I search for niche specific websites on Google and read articles on them. By doing this I get a lot of ideas. But, sometimes, it becomes very hard to search for relatable content on other websites. So, I make a simple switch to YouTube and search for the related video. This trick works more than often.

Caution: If you’re copying content from some video or a website then don’t forget to acknowledge the original author because that person might have also done a lot of hard work to bring such valuable content in front of you. Therefore, never underestimate the hard work of such person.

Point to Remember

Points to remember for content writing - ShoutoutIdeas

  • Keep it short and simple (KISS).
  • Avoid using too many adverbs and adjectives in your sentences.
  • Cut all the lines which don’t add value to the main content. For eg: Lines which are used to tell the speciality of the other line.
  • Proof Read your articles.
  • Avoid all grammatical mistakes.
  • Read at-least 5-6 times before publishing the final content.
  • Finally, ask yourself, whether it is Worth Reading?

I hope it was helpful, do comment and share.

I am a Professional Blogger and an aspiring Computer Scientist. The motto of my life is to “Think, Blink and Light” i.e. think before you write something to teach others.

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